• 5 am club

    How would you value extra 10 hours a week of your free time? Exercise, health, education, great food and no distraction? Priceless? Time is Priceless but free as well. You can't take it back. Early rise becoming healthy, wealthy and wise.
  • Nutrition

    Our body is the only place we have to live in. Food is our fuel so why would you prefer 91 octane to 98.
  • Natural healers

    Massage, acupuncture, spa or sauna? "Yes please", your body would say. Listen to your body, it deserves it.
  • Surfing

    Waves produce negative ions which create positive vibes. Little wonder. Life is better when you surf.
  • Yoga & exercise

    Dopamine & serotonin burst. Strength, balance, flexibility and relax for all levels. Not as easy as might seem.